Thugs And Area Boys Wont Let Us Live. Government Must Act Fast.


Today, people are still victims of things that should very well be in the past and forgotten. What am I talking about? You’re probably wondering. I’ll tell you.

It’s harassment.

Some groups of men ranging from the age of 13-14 to as old as 40 often gather around in clusters, day and night, just to cause a nuisance to society. You’ll find out about these from today’s feature, Beatrice.

A day in the life of Beatrice.

Beatrice is a 19-year-old lady who goes out every day to learn a trade around Sango-otedo, to make good use of her time since the unfortunate ASUU strike began.

Oftentimes, she rides with her dad in his car on his way to work. Other times, she goes by herself. Between leaving her house and getting to her destination, Beatrice has experienced a lot.

“Talking about all of this is really funny, to be honest. Do you know why? Because it’s still going to happen tomorrow when I go to my training place. In my dad’s car, we could be having a nice conversation, and suddenly, we’d start hearing shouts and seeing men block my dad’s car from passing. All for what? Money.”

“The worst part is, nowadays, they are selective. There was a time when you might get a pass by passing them a N50 note, now, even N100 is like an insult to them. You’d know immediately by their outburst and threats to harm our car.”

“Another thing that’s also very annoying is the cat calls. I sometimes hate how I’m built. I’m what people call “thick” and this attracts the attention of those thugs, no matter how I’m dressed. It’s very creepy. The worst part is, they’re always in a group and you can’t always tell where you’d bump into them. Because of this, my dad never allows my little sister out of the house. It’s also made me very self-conscious. I just want it all to stop.”

We should not be afraid of walking around our neighborhood or taking a walk down the road. That’s why it would be really helpful if the authorities did something about these thugs that are taking over the entire place.


Editor’s Note: Kindly note that while this is a true-life story, the photo used is a stock image. Beatrice asked that her identity be protected. 

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