Cash Trapped? Here Are Two Ways You Can Pay Your Children’s Fees This Summer


It’s a brand new session for kids who are still in school. That comes with a lot of responsibilities for parents. Books to buy, school uniforms to fit, and the process of getting used to the very busy schedule of waking your child up in the morning to get ready for school.

This is a routine that most people have to get used to, and the burden can be a lot, especially financially. The state of the economy in Nigeria now is such that the price of a term in the previous session is not the same anymore. There would always be an increment.

Because of that, so many people struggle to keep their children in school to have access to education. As we all know, “Education is the best legacy,” so what sort of legacy would children be able to create without education?

That’s something I’m sure we never want to find out. As parents, being able to give our children the best comes first. To that effect, here are some banks that provide soft loans for your ward’s school fees, should you ever find yourself in a fix.

Access Bank Student Loan

The Access Bank student loan is an advance for school fees that is designed to provide students with short-term financing to cover tuition fees.

You can get up to N5 Million

GT Bank Student Loan

GT Bank’s school fees advance is a loan facility designed to finance the payment of your child’s/ward’s school fees for schools in Nigeria only.

You can get up to ₦5 million in student loans with a maximum tenure of 4 months per request

For all the requirements to be granted, kindly visit their websites online.

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