Tourism: Lagos Can Lead The World


Indeed, Lagos’s entertainment, art, and fashion industry is fast becoming the new oil. Lagos has vastly rewarded several creative talents in the last two decades and has gained global attention. But while the rise of Nigeria’s entertainment and fashion industry has been mind-blowing, Idris Olorunnimbe, founder of Ogidi studios, thinks the phenomenal is yet to come. Speaking at a recent forum about the potential of Lagos tourism, Idris pointed out that “Lagos is the capital of African entertainment. And I can say without any contradiction that Lagos has always led and will continue to lead.”

Idris believes, perhaps rightly so, that our fashion, art, and entertainment industry can be a major pull for tourists and a significant opportunity accelerator. Because as long as tourism is driven by the curiosity of experiencing what one does not have, Lagos can massively profit from the consistent and deliberate exportation of its uniqueness through entertainment and arts.

Asides from its economic potential and the opportunities it creates for many to climb the social ladder, the creative industry “is the greatest unifier in the country,” Idris believes. Anyone who has watched the super eagles play at a sports bar or a viewing center can hardly fault Idri’s claim that nothing more than the creative industry holds us together. In many regards and against what many political scientists have attempted to propagate, the entertainment industry does better at unifying us than the oil from the Niger delta.

Asked why Lagos soaks up the country’s entire creative energy, Idris recalled a statement made by Mocheda in 2010 where she said “if you are not in Lagos, your Fuji is dulling.” Idris argues that successive administrations in Lagos state since 1999 have been deliberate enablers of this progress. More so, he went on, “Lagos is where opportunities are endless and where dreams are realized.”

Idris Olorunnimbe is quite bullish about the future and is willing to bet a leg and arm on what the future holds for Lagos tourism and entertainment. Although he acknowledges the government’s effort in creating an enabling environment for creative talent to thrive, he is more confident in the genius, doggedness, and innovative spirit of the average Lagosian. Hence his submission, “I have never been in a meeting anywhere in the world where I sat across someone who had two heads. Neither have I gone anywhere where someone said something so profound that I haven’t heard in Lagos.”



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