Step into the vibrant world of OlojoOluwayemi Michael, the talented CEO of Michael’s Nails Lagos.


With a warm smile, Michael introduces himself, “My name is Olojo Oluwayemi Michael, and I’m the proud CEO of Michael’s Nails Lagos.” Immediately, his energy and enthusiasm set the stage for an engaging conversation.

Curiosity sparks as we inquire about the origins of Michael’s Nails Lagos. Olojo takes us on a journey back in time, sharing, “Thirteen years ago, after completing my Nail Technology course at The Nail Plus Institution, owned by the esteemed Ogunyinde Yinka, I embarked on this incredible venture. Interestingly, it was my sister’s belief in my potential that led me here. She recognized my knack for this artistry and encouraged me to pursue it wholeheartedly. And thus, Michael’s Nails Lagos was born.”

As we delve deeper, we cannot help but wonder about Olojo’s educational qualifications. With a humble demeanor, he reveals, “I am a graduate. In fact, it was through the nail business that I managed to support myself financially during my college years. I had the privilege of working at a renowned nail studio in Aboyade Cole, VI while pursuing my education. It was a challenging time, but it taught me the value of hard work and perseverance, especially when one doesn’t have a support system to rely on.”

The fire that fuels Olojo’s relentless dedication to his business becomes the focal point of our conversation. His eyes light up as he shares, “Let me tell you, it’s the pure love for my craft that keeps me going. I possess a natural talent for creating beautiful designs with my hands, and it’s this passion that has guided me throughout the years. The satisfaction I derive from seeing my clients’ smiling faces when they walk out with stunning nails is indescribable. It’s a constant reminder of why I chose this path and why I continue to excel in it.”

Our curiosity piqued as we inquired about the sustainability of the nail business. Olojoconfidently asserts, “When you approach it with seriousness, maintain meticulous bookkeeping, build a loyal clientele, and nurture those relationships, the nail business can indeed be highly sustainable. It requires dedication and a keen eye for detail, but the potential for success is substantial.”

Seeking to uncover Olojo’s contributions to society, we discover his profound desire to uplift his community. He explains, “To me, giving back means empowering others, particularly young individuals in my community. Hence, I’ve taken it upon myself to identify those with an interest in the nail business and train them for free. This way, I equip them with the skills and knowledge to generate income for themselves, offering an alternative path to success. It’s a small but meaningful way to support and uplift those around me.”

After speaking with Olojo Oluwayemi Michael, the visionary behind Michael’s Nails Lagos, we are left with a profound sense of admiration for his unwavering dedication and genuine passion. His love for his craft, commitment to excellence, and desire to empower others serve as an inspiration to us all. With each stroke of his brush, Olojo leaves a lasting impression, not just on his clients’ nails but also in the hearts of those fortunate enough to encounter his extraordinary journey.

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