Power Outage Grips Itedo Community for One Month Amidst Transformer Woes


Residents of Itedo community have been grappling with a persistent power outage for an entire month, attributing the prolonged darkness to a malfunctioning transformer. The dire situation has left households and businesses in the area facing numerous challenges.

Sources reveal that the transformer, a crucial component in the power distribution network, succumbed to technical issues, plunging Itedo into a state of blackout. Residents have continued to express their frustration and inconvenience, emphasizing the impact on daily activities and essential services.

Attempts to seek redress from relevant authorities have yielded little progress, with community members lamenting the lack of urgency in addressing the issue. Many are now forced to rely on alternative power sources, such as generators and inverters, adding an extra financial burden during an already challenging time.

The Itedo community is calling on the appropriate government agencies to expedite the resolution of the transformer malfunction and restore regular power supply. As the outage persists, residents are left anxiously awaiting a swift intervention to illuminate their homes and businesses once again.





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